Obsideo Consulting is transparent and ethical in project delivery and promotes professional relationships which are based on trust and open communication. Obsideo Consulting’s values not only reflect commitment to employees and the company standards, but also to relationships with current and future clients.

Pilot Plant &

Process Test Work

Obsideo Consulting has extensive expertise in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of pilot plants. Where required for testing metallurgical processes with particular mineral sources, pilot plants provide the opportunity to confirm laboratory test work on small scale before capital is committed for full project implementation. Obsideo Consulting also provides metallurgical management of the pilot plants ensuring quality results are delivered including management of assays and interpretation of results for scale up into full plant design.


to Contracting

Obsideo Consulting’s approach to contracting is focussed on creating economic value for the clients by concentrating on technical innovation, lateral thinking and attention to detail which is tailored around specific dynamics and requirements for each project. Obsideo Consulting’s contracting approach includes EPC, Partnership, and Turnkey contracting, however it is jointly beneficial to contract on a transparent and open book EPCM basis with agreed:

  • Capital Cost
  • Contingencies
  • Fees
  • Back-to-back invoicing
  • Discounts shared on an agreed basis

Mineral Resources


Obsideo Consulting’s engineering and project management staff offers a vast level of experience in the mineral resource industry with core experience in;

  • Carbon minerals, precious metals
  • Base metals
  • Platinum group metals
  • Gemstones
  • Heavy mineral sands
  • Acidic and alkaline substances and chemicals

Project Implementation


Obsideo Consulting offers the products and services specifically designed to provide the most efficient solutions to each client’s needs, be they studies or projects. Our expertise typically includes the following aspects of project implementation:

Data Gathering, Dissemination and Analysis:

  • Desktop studies
  • Proof of tenure and title to properties or rights
  • General and local geological information as well as historical geological information and subsequent modeling
  • Company and individual profiles and information
  • Existing, present or outstanding legislative issues and licenses

Prospecting Programmes:

  • Planning and development of exploration programmes
  • Procurement of exploration machinery and ancillary equipment
  • Exploration programme management in its entirety
  • Geological and geotechnical borehole logging
  • Geological, analytical and geotechnical sampling
  • Data capturing and geological modeling
  • Resource classification and estimation
  • Geological core salvage and storage

Submissions and Presentation:

  • Preparation, compilation and submission of Reconnaissance permits and rights
  • Preparation, compilation and submission of Technical cooperation permits and rights
  • Preparation, compilation and submission of Prospecting permits and rights and conversions
  • Preparation, compilation and submission of Mining permits and rights and conversions
Khanye 400tph Coal Plant